Friday, October 29, 2004

Possible Sosa Trade?

Just got this via the Die Hard Cubs Fan Club group list:

This morning's Trib mentions a possible trade of Sosa
to the Mets, saying, "Cubs general manager Jim Hendry
declined comment on the Newsday report, but sources
said his tribune Co. bosses have told him to do
whatever it takes to find Sosa a new home."

The article goes on to suggest one possible trade
would include Cliff Floyd who would provide a lefty
bat in left field and a back up to Lee at first.

I see no way this happens. There is no way the Cubs
are better off replacing Alou with Floyd and losing
Sosa. I think the Cubs are more likely to eat a
portion of Sosa's contract than pick up a guy like
Floyd and his contract.

I googled it, and here are some stories on the possible Sosa trade here and here. Both stories are especially interesting -- and I'm giving a little credence to them -- because one comes from the Chicago Tribune and the other comes from Newsday. The Chicago Tribune, Newsday and the Cubs (as well as the LA Times, WGN, and many other media outlets) are all owned by the Tribune Company.

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