Saturday, October 23, 2004


Just doing some random geneaological stuff, moving information from some family books into the computer. I'm tracking down names and histories on the Internet as I go. This guy is my dad's third cousin, and the Persons on this page is his father (Mark's, not my dad's).

I guess I'll have to see Silent Running now.

And I know I'm related to this guy somehow, although I haven't worked on my mother's side of the family yet.

As always, more updates as they come along.


Anonymous said...

At our old church, there was a guy who was Elvis Presley's cousin. *nods*


Anonymous said...

One of my nieghbors, who was almost my confirmation sponsor, is related to one of New Yorks mob families. he's not a movie star or singer...but um...I got nothing.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was by me..TeKiEcId