Thursday, July 08, 2004

Calibretto Update

While I'm at it on the band updates, here's the latest email from Calibretto:

July 7, 2004
It's over, kids. Check out the final tour dates.

The Final Tour.
Maybe we didn't make ourselves totally clear before:
Calibretto is most definitely calling it quits.
This means, of course, that the summer tour -- The Last Laugh Tour --
will be our final outing as a band. We're doing our
best to hit all over the country so that everyone can come and see
us. We'll be rocking out each night with Side Walk Slam
and Mercury Radio Theater, so it will be a great show all around.
We'll also be playing some older songs and just generally
having a good time. So come on out and say goodbye, because it's the
last chance you'll ever get.

And don't forget about the FINAL HALLOWEEN BASH on October 30 in
Kokomo, Indiana. Kids, costumes, bands, horror movies, bad
jokes, and one unbearably hot room will make for a lot of very sweaty
fun. Come to the last show. You won't regret it. Very much.

Here are all the dates we have thus far. We're still working on the
West Coast. If you are a promoter or run a venue, please e-mail to book a show.

with Side Walk Slam and
Mercury Radio Theater

Clearwater, FL
Central Skate Park
6140 Ulmerton Road
without SWS

Peachtree City, GA
Cross Point Community Church
300 Tivoli Gardens Rd.
without SWS

Greenville, SC
College Park Church
8211 White Horse Road
without SWS

Spruce Pine, NC
280 Oak Ave
without SWS

Louisville, KY
Fern Creek Community Center
6104 Bardstown Rd.
Drake: 502-609-9317

Charlotte, NC
The Neighborhood Theatre
511 E. 36th St.

Norfolk, VA
Michael Bobs
1524 Johnstons Road

Frostburg, MD
Potters Place
On Porter Road

Milford Square, PA
Milford Township Firehall
On Milford Square Pike

Harrisonburg, VA
Captain Tee's
1594 S. Main Street

Congruity, PA
The House of Hardcore
Rd. 3 Box 202D (along route 22)

Franklin, OH
The Chapel Coffeehouse
1355 E 2nd St

Mokena, IL
8500 W. 191st St
ROL Rec Center

Minneapolis, MN
Club 3 Degrees
113 North 5th Street

Ames, IA
323 Fifth Street

Springfield, MO
300 E. Sunshine

Kendallville, IN
The Wreck
529 S. Main Street

Grand Rapids, MI
The Intersection
133 Grandville SW
Order tickets at

Mason City, IL
Arlee Theater
139 S. Main St.

Kansas City, MO
The New Earth
3953 Walnut

Aberdeen, SD
The Red Rooster
202 S. Main St.

Grafton, ND
Little H's Cellar

8.09.04 - (Christopher's birthday)
Great Falls, MT
Venue TBA

Claremore, OK
Venue TBA
without SWS

Ft. Worth, TX
The Asylum
9805 Jacksboro Highway
without SWS

6th Annual Halloween Bash
Kokomo, IN
Taylor Community Building
w/ Side Walk Slam, Mercury Radio Theater,
Fire When Ready, & In the Face of War

I am definitely making their final show. I'd like to make at least one before that, but I'm not sure how to work that out . . . The one closest to my home in IL (Mokena) is on a weekday, so I almost definitely won't be around, while the ones closest to my place in VA are more than two hours away. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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