Monday, July 19, 2004

I, Robot

Some of you guys have heard me complain about the 'artistic liberties' that seem to have been taken with Asimov's classic book, "I, Robot", in its conversion into a Will Smith blockbuster.  Here's an article on Slate that fleshes out that thought.
BTW, isn't the Internet great?  I can always find someone that agrees with me on something and has already written an article.  Because of this, I can be lazy, put up the link to the article, and never post any real content on my blog, and still express my ornery opinion.  Bwhahahahaha!  The perfect combination of lazy and grumpy!


Anonymous said...

Was lazy the 8th dwarf? Maybe Sleepy's brother?

~Chrissy aka Happy

Anonymous said...

Randomly searching for random things... came upon this:

Ben & Chancey. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

That is scary. Tis almost as scary as Josh Persons being a professional golfer.