Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ditka 2004?

This may be a Republican masterstroke. Mike Ditka is still wildly popular in Chicago, and if picked to replace Ryan in the race against Obama, I would immediately bank on him as the frontrunner. He would grab a very large portion of the undecideds, and probably also pull in significant numbers of otherwise non-voters. Could this selection do the impossible, and put Illinois into play for Bush?

Homepage for the grassroots movement here. Ditka's work in the Republican party here.


Anonymous said...

My only problem with Them getting Dikta is as you said..it seems like a political stunt to get more voters. I'm more concerned with is qualifications.

UndercoverPunk said...

I'm very excited right now, myself, but doing my best to temper it with caution. Although Ditka is obviously a staunch Republican, I have no idea where he stands on any issues. I mean, he could be another Schwarzenegger. Also, I'm very concerned about his having been part of casino ads. But maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to support him, and thinking of that gets my mind all caught up in the possibilities re: the Presidential election.

Well, I'm reserving judgment for now. And maybe this all shows me I'm getting too caught up in politics, or just getting too concerned about the party rather than the issues. Hopefully, we'll all get a better political picture of Iron Mike in the next few days, so I know what to root for ;) .

Anonymous said...

When I first heard that Ditka was running I didn’t know how to react. I am very concerned about his qualifications. When you look at all the bios of Ditka all you read about is how qualified he was as a coach. Although he could bring some much credibility to the Republican Party. Especially after Governor Ryan has been indicted in helping License for Bribes. Allowing Ditka to run would not only bring new voters, but also could sway some of the Democratic Party to vote Republican .