Thursday, July 15, 2004

My weblog is on a stock exchange . . .

No joke, I just discovered that my weblog is on a fantasy blog stock exchange. Check it out here. Currently, my valuation is B$1,187,17. Not exactly sure what that means -- I'm guessing that 'B$' stands for blogdollars, kinda like Monopoly money. I have to look into this, but it seems pretty cool! Maybe if everybody goes there and purchases my stock, its valuation will increase.

GO, my minions, and purchase my fake stock with fake money!


EQ said...

Your valuation will go up if other blogs that are already in the game link to you. The link needs to be to the exact url for your blog that is already in the game.

You might consider joining the game play. :)

An Admin of

Anonymous said...


Not An Admin of

Anonymous said...

I think the smart hat should have it's own stock.

Admin of (I know I know, cheap advertising plot!)