Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Kerry sisters VMA metanode

Elementblue has asked me, in a reply to my link-filled post from a couple days ago, why I reported that the Kerry sisters were booed at the VMA's, when CNN reported that the Kerrys were introduced at the same time as the Bushes, and that it was unclear who was being booed. Well, the reports that I read were inconclusive as to whether the Bush sisters were being booed, but conclusive on the Kerrys being booed. Check out these reports, some of which I did not find before I posted. Also, all of the reports I have read (with exception of CNN) have indicated that the two pairs of sisters did not appear simultaneously:

Drudge Report
Above Top Secret (more reaction of viewers than a report)
The Washington Dispatch
Michelle Malkin
World Net Daily

I did read this analysis before I posted, which suggests that CNN is misleading when stating that the boos were intended for both.

Here's video of the incident. No Bush sisters in view at the time, and the boo's are clearly directed at the Kerrys. Thus, CNN's reporting that the intended recipient of the boos was unclear is false.

So, in conclusion: the Kerry sisters were definitely booed. The Bush sisters were also booed, although many online news outlets did not mention it. The two pairs did not appear at the same time.

UPDATE: Oops -- I meant to link the CNN report. Here it is.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I'm surprised that the news has resorted to publishing something as canidate's children being booed. (not being directed as the blog owner, but the media). C'mon people, grow up!

Anonymous said...

I saw the VMA's live, and can attest 100% that the boos were very vocal and began with the appearance and speaking of the Kerry girls (they grew more vociferous when they mentioned "We hope you vote for our father.") I also noticed the complete media blackout CNN did on their reporting of this, which was the most shameful example I've ever seen of media bias. There were also boos for the Bush girls, though not quite as loud. And a note: I don't think it was good any of them were booed, but if it happened, be honest about it CNN.