Saturday, September 18, 2004

Travel changes

Well, because of Ivan, my co-workers and I missed our connection in Denver for Santa Ana. We decided just to stay in Denver for the weekend, so at 1 in the morning local time, 3AM Eastern, we're online trying to find something to do in the area. We have quite a few different things -- the Dodgers-Rockies game, a local brewery, hiking -- that most of us want to do, but that one of us (a different one for each) has completely nixed. Guess which one I vetoed . . .

So we're going to try to get a consensus in the morning to go canoeing. I think we'll get it together. Well, I hope we get it together.

Did I mention my 'new' computer? My old work PC broke down -- Blue Screen of Death while installing a driver update for the wireless card from Windows Update, and afterward the bottom PCMCIA port seemed to be fried. So I couldn't use my wired network card, which I need for work. I borrowed another computer for the day -- another employee had just gotten a new laptop himself and was sending his old one in, so I borrowed it. I sent an email in to the home office, and everybody agreed that the best solution would be for me to keep the other guy's 'old' computer as my 'new' one. It's alright; definitely a lot better than my old one, which I still have to clean up and then turn in.

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