Sunday, September 26, 2004

Realign on FOX?

Just got this from Realign. I'll see if I can make it, but I'm not promising. Anyone else interested at all?


GUESS WHAT!!!!! We need your help. We have a show comeing up Oct. 2nd at Evangelical Free Church in Bloomington IL and we need you to come and show your support. FOX will be their to film our performance for a Central Illinois based TV series called Uncovering the Underground so we want to pack the place from front to back. Also performing will be some friends of ours from Carbondale IL called Skuf, you can learn more about them by visiting This event is looking to be a great evening filled with crazy rockin music and crazy rockin people. So don't miss this event it will be a good one.

We have also just finished recording some new music and we have decided to place a pre-production version of our new song SUFFOCATE on the website, and we want you to evaluate it for us. We want to know what you think about the direction our music is going, so go to and listen to the new song SUFFOCATE and then fill out the evaluation form. Your opinoin is very important to us so wether you think it is the best or the worst thing you've ever heard we want to know.

Thank you for your support and we will see you Oct 2nd at E-Free in Bloomingtion IL

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