Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Calibretto's Dead, But Still Releasing Material

I just got this email from Calibretto:

Well, well, well. You thought you had heard the last from us, did
you? Well, you were wrong. Dead wrong. No, we're not done with
you yet; not by a long shot.

So what could we possibly have to say now that we are dead and long
gone? Well, perhaps you remember talk of some sort of surprise that
we had in store for you. Or perhaps you don't, and that's fine,
too. But the surprise is ready for you. And you can find it at
http://www.calibretto.com . And lemme tell you what: it's huge.

"So, what is it?" you're probably saying to your computer screen
right now. Well, although your screen will remain mute, I will
not. Let me first give you a bit of background on this whole thing:

In Christopher's bedroom closet, on the shelf next to his enormous
collection of CDs, there is a small stack of CDs and cassettes. On
these CDs and cassettes are recordings of Calibretto, Calibretto 13,
and the infamous "BLACKSHEEP". (Not coincidentally, there are also
recordings of Harley Poe.) Amongst these recordings are many songs
and versions of songs that you have never heard. In fact, many of
these are songs that even the members of the band have only heard a
handful of times. In the past, we have always maintained that these
recordings were best kept in the closet and out of earshot of anyone
who might ridicule us for our past... indiscretions.

But now Calibretto is dead. The band and the hysteria that
accompanied it is long gone and exists only as an open wound in the
memory of those who found themselves caught in the fad that the
media quickly labeled "Calibretto fever." These poor souls, the
individuals at the heart of the pro-Calibretto movement, now cannot
help but think of this brief, fanatical period in their lives in the
same painful way that people will soon look back on their Good
Charlotte CDs and polo shirts with popped collars.

In the wake of all this, there has been a release. A letting go.
In the words of perhaps the greatest poet of our time, a Mister
Marshall Mathers: "I'm sorry, Mama. I never meant to hurt you. I
never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet."

Indeed, Mama, Calibretto is cleaning out its closet and putting the
contents on display for your consideration. At
http://www.calibretto.com you will find 50 mp3s to download and
enjoy, from our very first demo recordings up to our very last.
Unofficial releases, outtakes, live recordings, scraps and pieces,
it's all there. Go over and take a look. The collection is immense.

Take care, young ones, and don't forget that the Calibretto message
board lives on. Enjoy life enough for Calibretto, because
Calibretto cannot.

Love and tearful kisses,
Christopher, Joseph, Chad, and Aaron

I haven't listened to any of the mp3's yet since I'm on dialup, but I will download many of them as soon as I get a chance. Go check it out, if you dare, and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Long live Calibretto! Will they be at Cornerstone again?


HisFootSoldier said...

Awesome man. *hisses at his mention of Good Charlotte* *throws in a hiss from Eminem too*

HisFootSoldier said...

Ahem. That's *for* not from.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that "they" (Calibretto) will play anywhere anymore. It looks like Joe is doing this "Harley Poe" thing but from the looks of the lyrics I'm not too sure that he would be interested in playing Cornerstone. I fell out of the loop for a while, but I would really be interested in finding out why Aaron left the band. Their last cd Dead By Dawn really had me questioning their purpose and wondering about their faith.



Colton Bauman said...

Could anyone who has downloaded these possibly email them all to me at homsarrules@hotmail.com. I am a HUGE calibretto fan and never got a chance to download these