Friday, February 11, 2005

Christian Makeover Update

Remember this? Well, one blogger is now being sent cease and desist letters over having posted articles critical of Christian Makeover (hat tip CCMBuzz).

Is Heroes from the Past next? Tune in next week to find out!

UPDATE: James, the blogger in question above, has left a couple comments clarifying his current status. First, the 'cease and desist' received was not formally so, but rather a document using such words. Second, the letter was written primarily regarding James's contacting certain editors within the CCM industry and asking them to cover the full story, without ignoring the critics. Check out his comments both on this post and on the one linked above.

And James, I bought the book through Amazon, and it looks like they haven't received it from the publisher yet, so they obviously haven't been able to pass it on to me. It was released by Relevant just a couple weeks ago, although Mark Salomon had self-published it before that time. I did read the first chapter online, and it asked some interesting questions. How is a 'Christian' band to react when a pastor at a church at which they are playing asks them to give a sermon during their set, when that band does not consider preaching its ministry? How is the band to react when that pastor confronts them in anger at their own place of ministry? How often do similar confrontations occur? What does it mean to be a Christian band?

I don't know if there are easy answers to any of these.


James said...

A couple of clarifications: the note I was sent wasn't a formal cease and desist, but simply used those words. The intent was very similar, but it's worth being aware of the distinction.

Secondly, the comments Brian made were more to do with the fact that I was emailing editors of various online publications asking them to cover the fact that not everyone loved the Christian Music Makeover idea. A number of those editors were friends of his and forwarded my emails to him.

I definitely stand by the content of those emails, and they are not 'slanderous' as Brian suggested, but it should be made clear that it was not my blog entries alone that incited his response.

Prime Minister of Toast said...

I saw Daniel's Window up at Silver Birch Ranch before they got big.... oh wait, they never got big...