Monday, August 23, 2004

Casino Update

OK -- I've already found the first plank for my platform: I oppose the plans to construct a Ho-Chunk Casino in Lynwood. Here are the latest details on the plan.

Jesse Jackson, Jr., who will probably be my opponent in '08, supports the casino.
South Holland, Dyer and Beecher oppose the casino.
Casino websites, here and here, think that Homewood is in Indiana.

I oppose this casino not only for moral reasons, but also for economic and social reasons. This casino would not increase tax revenues in the area, since the Ho Chunk Nation does not have to pay taxes. The casino would not bring a large amount of jobs into the area, since most of the jobs would be filled by members of the Ho Chunk Nation. The casino would not increase profits for other businesses in the area (restaurants and the like); as an all-around entertainment center, hosting restaurants and other games in addition to the casino, the Ho Chunk installation would in fact compete with other businesses. Basically, this casino will act as a parasite, a leech, a mosquito, a vampire, sucking the value out of the local economy.

If you live in the area of the proposed casino -- Lynwood, Lansing, Cal City, Glenwood, Sauk Village, Munster, Dyer, Crete, Chicago Heights, Beecher, Schererville, Homewood, Flossmoor -- make your voice heard! Get out to your local village meetings and speak up! If I were in the area during the week, I'd be out there, telling our local officials that we DON'T WANT A CASINO!

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