Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Words cannot express my disgust at this: they're making a sequel to the worst movie ever.


Anonymous said...

lol. Took you long enough to post this. I've been seeing commercials for it for a while now and wondering why you haven't yet expressed your anger.

But yea, if they're gonna make a movie as stupid as that, they could at least have better effects. The words don't even freakin match the kids mouths. I mean c'mon. That's really sad.


Anonymous said...

Bah hahaha! I have never even seen that movie! B) At least they are not making a sequel to "Dude, Where's My Car?"... at least, I don't THINK they are!!! D: Gaaahhh!!!

_Stephanie Strikes Again!!!_

Anonymous said...

Nooo! I have been seriously wronged!!! :'(

Anonymous said...

HAHA. You lose. Now all we need is a Tremors part 5.