Wednesday, August 11, 2004

MLB Playoff Race Update

According to RIOT Baseball, there are only six teams in the National League that are still in control of their playoff fates right now -- including the CUBS! Check the stats out here. Of course, the three division leaders -- Atlanta, St Louis, and Los Angeles -- are in control. The two top contenders for the wild card, Chicago and San Diego, are also still in control, since the Padres have enough games with the Cubs to make up the difference between the two teams. Surprisingly, the last team still in control are the Florida Marlins, who are currently one game under .500 and supposedly behind both the Phillies and Giants in the wild card race! I would bet that if you were to check the Marlins' schedule, they just happen to have a lot of games still left against both the Cubs and Padres. . . Yep. Check it out here. Six games against the Cubs, three against the Padres. Six games against the NL East-leading Braves probably helps also.

Of course, this doesn't mean that only those six teams have chances at the playoffs anymore. What it means is that every other team in the NL has no guarantee of making the playoffs, even if they win all of their games. But on the other hand, no team has been eliminated yet from any of the races.

The AL races aren't so clear yet. Nine teams are still in control of their fates -- New York, Boston, Baltimore, Minnesota, Cleveland, Chicago, Oakland, Texas, and Anaheim. And here, as in the NL, no one has been eliminated from any race yet.

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