Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Protestwarrior Chicago

Don't have the time to post a detailed analysis of the counterprotest on Saturday, but you can check out the protestors' reaction here. Read the comments -- it should give you an insight into both sides of the protest. And my brother may have gotten a mention, unless there was another PW with a Cubs hat:

Re: Protest "Warrior" Website HACKED!
by Tito
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23 Aug 2004
Adding insult to injury, a PW guy was wearing a "Chicago Cubs" hat. It goes without sayint, that only fascists support this team. Anarchists are SOX fans all the way!

Anyways, the Protest Warriors got wind of this post, and I believe you can see at the top that the article has now been downvoted to 'hidden' status. :)


Anonymous said...

Go Ben!!! Can I have your autograph!?!

So, Chancy... may I have another copy of your famous CD? lol

_That Steph Person_

Anonymous said...

Yay for Benji!

Them "peaceful" people sure did get mighty angry on Saturday. I can see it now... on the next Oprah... when Anti-War protestors turn violent.