Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Cubs Update

Baseball Prospectus finally has their playoff odds calculations here. The Cubs are projected to have an 80.2% chance to make the playoffs! Other notable probabilities: White Sox are at 2.5%, St Louis is 100%, San Fran 22.4%, San Diego 4.7%, Florida 1.9%, Houston 0.4%, Boston 76.3%.

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Matt said...

I must say that thus far all of the Cubs fans I've met are pretty nice...Both here in St Louis and in Chicago. I'm glad the rivalry isn't as passionate as the Blues/Blackhawks is.

BUT, I really hope the Cubs don't get the NL wild card slot and play the Cards...The Cubs are almost jinxers to the post-season Card's. Hopefully our current left, right, left, right lineup will continue to dominate through the rest of the season and well after.