Monday, May 24, 2004

Great weekend

The weekend went well. First I moved in to my apartment in Virginia on Thursday, and had a housewarming party with some co-workers. Flew home to Chicago on Friday -- United's flight was only a couple hours late getting in. Saturday, went to a wonderful wedding between two people who love and deserve each other, and are also both deeply in love with God. The gospel message was preached, multiple times. Sunday, took a look at some Catholic doctrinal statements for Sunday School, in order to try to understand the differences between our beliefs and theirs. Quick excerpt:

"O merciful Queen of the Rosary of Pompeii, thou, the Seat of Wisdom, hast established a throne of fresh mercy in the land that was once pagan, in order to draw all nations to salvation by means of the chaplet of mystical roses: remember that thy divine Son hath left us this saying: 'Other sheep I have that are not of this fold; them also must I bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one Shepherd.' Remember likewise that on Calvary thou didst become our Co-Redmptrix, by virtue of the crucifixion of Thy heart cooperating with Thy crucified Son in the salvation of the world; and from that day thou didst become the Restorer of the human race, the Refuge of sinners and the Mother of all mankind. . ." -- Pope Pius XII

Another bad experience with United on Sunday night -- our flight was delayed on the ground for three hours because of "weather", while the next flight from ORD to IAD left almost on time. So my co-workers, flying from and to the same places, were scheduled to land about 2 hours after my flight, yet ended up landing about 25 minutes earlier than my flight. "Weather" . . . That's been my United experience for about the last month. I'm seriously considering switching back to ATA from Midway to Reagan, even if it does add 45 minutes to my travel time on the ground in VA.

Got to my apartment, bought some books online (this, this and this), as well as Stavesacre's latest shirt and Live CD. I just think that axe T looks awesome, and the Live CD is just $5!

BTW -- this ain't yo daddy's college campus (via Instapundit). That's right -- college students spontaneously booing against liberal disinformation! Beautiful.

Alright. that's enough for now. It's after 2 in the morning, and I'm to be at work by 9. See y'all around.

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