Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Live Long . . .

Star Trek: Enterprise renewed for a fourth season, according to fan campaign.

UPDATE: Broken link fixed.

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Anonymous said...

(This is Steph) Oh please, I despise Star Trek Enterprise. It is absolutely pathetic. Captain Archer is such a sadly spineless Captain, I'm surprised anyone but T'Pol listens to him. Then again, the rest of his crew is pretty spineless as well. And Archer's beagle would make a better hot dog than a pet. They shouldn't try to incorporate pets into Star Trek programs like that, unless you can give the pet some sort of meaning. Like Spot, Data's cat, that was good because Data having a pet was such an irony; a machine trying to take care of a form of flesh and blood. But it was also funny because Spot hated just about everyone but Data :)
Archer's beagle is pointless and unentertaining (not to diss the dog, just the dog's roll in the series), and Archer doesn't seem to have any real attachment to it.
Even the "romantic scenes" are retarded. It's like "Oh, you're a doctor I am totally not romantically attracted to, but because you are giving me a [painful] back massage (hey, it's on BARE SKIN) then I think I just may want to have sex with you. Or maybe for this session we'll just make out." There isn't a clean romantic scene in the whole series! It's all (to quote Strong Bad): Sweet Lady Freedom, let's make out!
Okay, I think I am being too intellectual and serious over a TV series ;) S'all for now, folks