Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Update on the Garland family

Bob and Mary Garland are family friends who have served as missionaries to South America for many years. During this time, they've been featured in various news articles, including NPR's "All Things Considered" and a front-page article in the Chicago Tribune Magazine.
Bob Garland has been fighting cancer for many years now -- he's been told a couple times that he's had only a short time to live, just to find his body miraculously fight the disease into remission. His wife, Mary, just sent out this email:

Dear LOved Ones,

There's not much new to write except that Bob is getting thinner and weaker. He barely is eating or drinking enough to keep alive. The hospice people telll me this is typical and that I should offer food and drink but not get strong about urging him to eat or drink. That's hard when I see him take only a few mouthfuls or sips. He's still alert mentally (knows who we are and what's going on at the moment) though his memory (short-term) is not so reliable. Bethany and family were up to see him from Chicago this last weekend. She was disappointed in the deterioration she saw. He lies in bed and sleeps or has his eyes closed most of the time and cannot seem to muster up the energy to communicate at all. It's very hard to see him in this condition. The Lord gives me the grace to go on each day and I thank Him for that. Thanks so much for praying.

Please pray for Bethany and family. Their cottage at the campgrounds is at the point of flooding because the Des Plaines River has gone over its banks. There is widespread flooding throughout the Midwest and here in Michigan as well. The cottage was raised last year but the guy who raised it didn't do it right and used cinder blocks. Please pray that the cottage doesn't collapse and that it doesn't flood inside the cottage. That place is their home for 6 months out of the year - especially important now that Emily and Mike are back from Bolivia. They're back in their Chicago apt. right now waiting out the flood and are really crowded. Mike Jr. is planning to attend a community college here in Michigan and stay with Nate and Jeanine until he can find a job, roommates and an apartment. As you can see Bethany has a lot on her plate these days - as she always does - but we know God is merciful and so we're crying out to Him to bring a great deliverance for her during her time of need. Thanks for taking this upon your heart for prayer. The Lord bless you much.

Please pray for the Garland family, as they once again go through a time of trial and place their faith in God.

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