Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Testing. . .

I'm testing out the email posting capability of Blogspot here.  On the second try right now.
Today I went with my near-future roommate in order to rent some furniture for our short-term apartment down here in Virginia.  Got some decent deals.  We also bought a used 25" TV, which hopefully I'll be able to get back to Chicago eventually.  We're moving in Thursday.
Java development is going slow -- environment issues are preventing me from checking out the code that I'm supposed to be editing.
Attending a wedding this Saturday.  Going to see Dumpstar open for Anthrax next Friday.  Nothing else concrete right now . . .  Except CORNERSTONE June 29-July 4!
And I bet that this never makes it to my blog.  But, since you're reading this, I must be wrong!

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