Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Who wants the UN in Iraq?

"UN Troops buy sex from teenage refugees in Congo camp"
"A Massacre in Kosovo"
"Report: NATO, UN Workers Fuel Kosovo Sex Trade"
"UN-Eritrea Row sinks to new low"
"Dark side of peacekeeping"
"Kofi's cover up"
"Lawmaker demands 'Oil-for-Food' documents"
"I'm not running away, says UN official in oil for food scandal"

All above links via Instapundit.

So, who wants the UN in Iraq?

"[W]e should bring NATO, we should bring the United Nations, we should bring other countries into the effort. We can still manage most of the security operation, even as we do that, but the humanitarian and the governance components of this must be broadened. We have to diffuse [sic] the perception and reality of American occupation. We have to get the target off of American troops" -- John Kerry

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