Thursday, June 03, 2004

Copenhagen Consensus Results

Here, via Instapundit. Very interesting: a European organization dedicated to studying the environment gets together and tries to rank what the world's top priorities should be. And here's the surprise -- for the most part, I agree with them.

Basic rundown:

  • Fighting AIDS should be the world's top priority

  • Lowering trade barriers should also be a top priority

  • Fighting malaria in developing countries is a top priority

  • Water and sanitation issues are very important

  • Lowering migration barriers is of some importance

  • Guest-worker programs, such as those instituted in Europe, are bad

  • The climatology issues presented, and specifically the Kyoto Accords, are BAD PROJECTS

I guess it should be noted, though, that of the eight panelists, six were from US Universities (and over half of those in the Midwest!), the other two being from the University of Zurich and Peking University. So, although the Environmental Assessment Institute (the sponsoring organization) is European, the Consensus group doesn't really seem to be.

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