Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Is there really a liberal media, Mommy?

Day By Day


Anonymous said...

Hey, Josh! It's Crystal. I still use AIM, but I also have Yahoo messenger. As for my computer, yes, I am still having problems. My dad's computer friends from work think we have a worm and they want us to dump everything off the computer and start over at the beginning. Kinda scary...I told my dad I refuse to do it myself unless someone walks me through it. He's always talking about how much it cost and stuff, so I don't wanna be responsible! Wanna empty a computer for me? :D Haha. Well, I won't be online much for a while because we have that to do. My email address is still the same...I think you have the new one...and my xanga is IAmPirateGirl. Come see me! :) Call me sometime when you're home! I miss you! Later.

Anonymous said...

LOL it cost a grand sum of absolutely NOTHING to empty your comp!!! :D