Saturday, June 05, 2004

Last weekend

I'm really late in doing this, but I guess I'd better put up a synopsis of last weekend.

1) Went to the Dumpstar / Anthrax concert. Edd, Dumpstar's drummer, just left the band a couple weeks ago :(. The replacement drummer did as well as could be expected, but got lost a couple times in relation to the background track. There was one heckler, but he was more pathetic than anything else -- he would walk into the crowd, scream out "YOU SUCK!" and look around for some support, and then look befuddled as no one else started heckling. The crowd got into it, although they were distracted in anticipation of Anthrax. A few people were impressed enough to stop by the merch table afterward in order to purchase CD's. I left before the Anthrax show . . . I could've stayed, but I'm not at all a fan.

2) Went to HANGnite at about 10:30pm, where Abbey Normal was scheduled to play. Met friends ObeytheFist, lisawilson, expletiveDELETED, lycanthropic37, and others. They started playing at maybe 1:15am, the latest that a HANGnite band has ever started. Great set, including their classics and a couple covers.

3) Went to USAFest at Balmoral Park with some friends. Got a sunburn, bought a glass chess set, got my throwing arm clocked at 53 mph -- tho that might be off, since it was a carnival booth. We got a couple free foam balls from the TMobile tent, and a blowup baseball bat from the fastpitch booth. I decided to show that it would be impossible to hit the foam ball with the blowup bat for any distance, and proceeded to sock the ball across the parking lot on the first attempt. . .

4) Went to TekieCid's surprise birthday party, also with Cerebro, Cegikma, Dereklearnslow and others. We watched some of the Cubs game (they lost to the Pirates), watched some of Bill Cosby's standup from the early eighties, played a lot of Halo.

5) Church, as usual. Continued looking at the Catholic Church in Sunday School. My class will be moving into the new building in a couple weeks.

6) Lisawilson's graduation party. Met ObeytheFist, Lycanthropic37, and expletiveDELETED once again, as well as Darling Nikki and many others. Saw some Invader Zim for the first time ever.

7) Visited with some friends from Lansing Bible Church that I haven't been able to see for a while. They open their house every Sunday night, but I haven't been able to go for a while because of my Sunday evening flights. Good times -- their not-quite-two-year-old daughter runs around calling me "Dosh". I stayed there until nearly 2am watching their son's video of his missions trip to Mexico.

8) Saw "The Day After Tomorrow" with TekieCid, Cerebro and others. Awesome special effects. Half-baked science, silly plot, broad and shallow characterizations, bad writing. AN AL GORE LOOKALIKE AS THE BRAVE AND FEARLESS PRESIDENT. Decent acting, taking into account what the actors were given to work with. Every major plot point (every scene, actually) seems lifted directly from another movie -- Armageddon, Deep Impact, Volcano, Planet of the Apes, Finding Nemo, Jurassic Park, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Outbreak. It's all good in the end because Jake Gyllenhaal gets the girl, even though MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIED.

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