Thursday, June 10, 2004

Throw up your Rawkfist

Heard TFK's "Rawkfist", their single from Phenomenon, on the radio while coming back from lunch today. The station was DC101, a secular alternative rock station comparable to Q101.

Rawkfist is a good song, but IMHO one of the worst on Phenomenon, actually. I was never big on rap-rock until I picked up this CD -- there are a lot of great songs, and not really any bad ones. Phenomenon and Bounce are definitely much better, and have gotten some play on Christian radio. The only downside with the CD is that the lyrics are sometimes chosen for sound rather than meaning. Pick up the CD if you have any interest at all in Christian underground.

1 comment:

imchrmusnut said...

i love the saying " Throw up your Rawkfist" that is a great song