Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Seekers show Friday

Seekers show on Friday -- featuring aDo, Synergy, Amber, Realign, Staple. The first four are local bands of varying skill. Amber's drummer/keyboardist is formerly of The Evaluation, but there's really no musical comparison. Synergy has members from One Set Frame and Cranial Halo, both of which have broken up.

Staple is an up-and-coming screamo-ish band. Their hit single, Dictatorship vs Democracy, is on the latest HM Sampler CD, and is also making its way up the Christian Music charts. I'm really looking forward to seeing them. From DVD, it sounds like they're following Stretch Arm Strong and others in having dual load vocals, one screaming and one singing; Staple seems inverse to SAS, tho, in that the singer is the primary lead, whereas the screamer is the secondary lead, if that makes any sense.

I only hope I'll be able to make it -- I'm scheduled on the 5:35 flight out, which means I would probably get to Seekers at about 9:30pm. Trying to catch the 3pm instead.

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