Monday, June 07, 2004

Fun with Fundrace is a clearinghouse of Presidential campaign contribution information. You can search contributions by state, major city, last name, or address. Here are some interesting finds:

  • H.W. and Barbara support their son, of course.

  • So does Perot!

  • Al Gore -- Dean, and then Kerry, as we all know. (Tipper's real name is Mary Elizabeth?)

  • Theresa Heinz-Kerry lists herself as a Philanthropist, and endorses her husband from her Pittsburgh home.

  • William Baldwin supports Kerry.

  • But Alec supports Dean.

  • Here are some people on the "Anything But Bush" bandwagon.

  • Ted Leonsis (AOL, Washington Capitals and Wizards) is covering all the bases -- Graham, Kerry AND Bush.

  • Jennifer Garner is really into politics -- Gephardt, Edwards, Clark, and Kerry!

  • A couple John Kerrys sponsoring John Kerry.

  • John Edwards sponsoring himself, of course.

  • Look at this! William Daley, brother of Chicago mayor Richard Daley, is breaking campaign finance law! He's sponsoring Kerry for $2000 as William Daley from Chicago, and sponsoring him for $2000 as William P Daley from Texas.

I'll let you know whether I follow up on that last one . . .

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